The Women Ice Angler Project

To inspire and motivate other women who want to learn the sport of ice fishing, as well as generate awareness and recognition for women anglers.


Our Story

In January 2015, the Women Ice Angler Project had its first trip to Lake of the Woods, MN. Started as a one-time media event to create positive images of women in ice fishing, the Women Ice Angler Project, now known on social media as Women on Ice, has continued as a way to showcase women anglers doing what they do best on the ice.

We've turned Women on Ice into a yearly media event dedicated to showcasing positive images and video of women ice fishing independently. Past locations include Lake of the Woods, Ottertail County, Mille Lacs, MN, Bayfield, WI, and Lake Minnetonka. Images and videos from the events have been featured in USA Today, Country Woman Magazine, industry catalogs and signage, Larry Smith Outdoors, Midwest Outdoors, and numerous other shows and publications.

Grassfed Cinema Produces Short Film About our Project

In 2018, Grassfed Cinema joined us in Otter Tail County, MN to capture what we are all about. they did an AMAZING job! Watch that video here:

World-Renowned Adventure Photographer Kylie Fly to Join Women on Ice December, 2020


Kylie Fly is an adventure photographer who thrives on exploration.  New places, new experiences, new people, and new perspectives.  Rooted from her upbringing in Idaho, Kylie has a deep love for wilderness and spends most of her time in the mountains or hanging off the side of a cliff.  Nature is where she feels most at home.  While she’s no stranger to frigid temperatures, the Women On Ice event will be her first time ice fishing.

Kylie’s photography goes beyond just taking pretty pictures.  She is a storyteller and examines the recreational values of life and adventure.  She’s thrilled to be joining the Women On Ice team this year and to have the opportunity to capture authentic images of real women doing what they love.  And hopefully she’ll be able to put down the camera and catch a fish along the way too!

To learn more about Kylie visit her website at
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Need a Last Minute Gift for a Woman Who Loves to Fish?

Need a last minute gift for a woman who loves to fish? How about a membership to one of the following organizations? You can purchase the memberships online, and there are groups in both the US and Canada! In addition, all of the groups accept members from all over the world - so it doesn't matter where you live. All of these groups host trips, tournaments, and seminars - and they welcome all skill levels. Check these three out: WI Women Fish, Women Anglers of Minnesota, and Ontario Women Anglers.

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