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Because we know companies want to get better at including women in their overall marketing footprint, yet might not know exactly how to accomplish this goal, we’ve launched the Woman Ice Angler Project (WIAP) Consulting Services.

Companies who hire us receive:

  • Quality hi-res images to use in catalogs, ads or signage
  • Web-appropriate images, videos and stories for use in social media or other non-print distribution
  • Content written by women for print publications 
  • Honest product reviews

Companies can pick the package that best fits their needs, tailoring the deliverables to your particular efforts.

To show the industry we are paying attention to who is succeeding, who is giving it a good try and who isn’t trying at all, we will be publishing and distributing an end-of-season industry scorecard. We’ll look to see where there are images of women, women’s stories or skill-building content is provided by women. We’ll offer accolades to the top ten…and the ten worst.

We’ll be there to help along the way. Bring WIAP consulting services on board for your ice-fishing company or product and we’ll help you succeed.

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