Women Ice Angler Project Holds Public Event in Panfish Paradise

(Otter Tail County, Minn.) Feb. 10, 2018 – The focus of this year’s Women On Ice was to showcase mobility and flexibility, and after a hard day of fishing on the second day, and a bit of a challenging start to the final day, the ladies moved around until they dialed it in.

And they did.

Big slab crappies were of such a quality that even the local guides were asking for the Women Ice Angler Project spot. And the tip of the day was to work the water column as the big slabs were caught suspended just five- to six-feet under the ice. The ladies share information amongst their group as they try different things throughout the day, and Ice Team Pro Staffer Shelly Holland gets the credit for dialing in the 15″ crappies to break up a slow morning. “They’re just under the ice,” she hollered to the group. “Fish on!” In a few moments several anglers broke through with crappies of their own.

“We put the pound town on them,” said Barb Carey. But the group soon pulled up stakes in spite of the strong bite to greet the gals participating in a “ladies only” guided (or self-guided) fishing day in Otter Tail County. Nearly 30 female anglers participated and many traveled from out of state.

The GrassFed Cinema video crew finished the filming of their documentary with an in-depth look at extreme adventures. continued its fourth year of day-to-day coverage with Keith Worrall.

Sponsors include Clam Outdoors, Vexilar, Jiffy, Orion Coolers, Ray Marine Electronics, Acme Tackle, K-Drill, Kahtoola, Camp Chef, Fish on Kids Books,  The Nest of Perham along with media partners Outdoors First, Larry Smith Outdoorsand GrassFed Cinema. Local hosts include Otter Tail Lakes Country Association (OTLCA) and East Silent Lake Resort.

Founded four years ago by Barb Carey, WIAP 2018 anglers include: pro-staff anglers Shelly Holland, Bonnie Timm, Shantel Wittstruck, Rikki Pardun; outdoor photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson and outdoor writer Kristine (K.J.) Houtman and Dorothy Rietzler. The Women Ice Angler Project is a media event dedicated to shining the spotlight on women ice anglers. The media effect in just four years has brought attention to how many women enjoy ice fishing. Media and marketing efforts have ramped up to reflect that participation.

For the entire winter, all women anglers are encouraged to post their ice fishing photos and share their stories with Women On Ice’s Facebook page and follow “Our sponsors totally support women in this great sport,” Carey concluded.

Contact Barb Carey for more information at or call 608-692-7386. Higher resolution images are available upon request.